Day 3

(Forgot to hit “publish” last night … sorry.)

I’ll call this day “Laughing Out Loud.”

I stopped at the new Kroger on my way home and marveled at the beauty of it. Compared to store where I usually shop, this place was shiny, with wide-open aisles and lighting that made even the sushi look good. (Yes, they have a “fresh” sushi bar here.)

I bought a few items to make me happy for the next few days-a bag of Dove Easter eggs, a Coke, spinach, cheese and wraps (thanks, Alyssa), and some sugar cookies that benefited Susan G. Komen. Sweet.

I curled up on the couch and scoured On Demand for something to watch and found Knocked Up, a movie I have only heard about and never cared to watch. Well, having just watched Zach and Miri (or Zach and Miri Make a Porno, depending on where and when you saw it), I knew I might find this movie funny as well … same dude in the lead role (Seth Rogen). 

Anyway … thank God the kids were gone. I was DYING. Laughing so loud I had to run to the bathroom.

This movie is so wrong, just like Zach and Miri-which is exactly what makes it so RIGHT.

I was especially losing it over all the comments from the married sister and her hubby, played by my boyfriend, Paul Rudd. (He and Johnny Depp are both my boyfriends. At least right now. Sometimes I have others. But these are it right now.)

The married couple in this movie cracked me up. The way they argue over the stupidest crap made me think of me and my life. How she was so upset he wanted to go to the movies alone. And how he had a secret baseball fantasy league. This was hysterical. And so real. (Gasp!)

So yeah, I had a totally lame night, curled up with chocolate, watching Knocked Up and laughing my butt off.

Good times.

Oh yeah, and I got the update from N.C.

Grant found a four-leaf clover. Says his vision is clearer now.

Eli and Grant offended Aunt Michelle when she said a prayer before dinner. When Aunt Michelle tried to start the prayer, she began with “Now what do we do before we eat?” Eli blurted: “Let the feast begin!” She said, “No, we’re going to say the blessing.” Grant said, “We don’t do that in our family.”

Yeah. Fun times. Glad I missed that one.


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