Celebrating Earth

Last night, the hubby and I went on another date. I know. Amazing.

While downtown, we ran into an old friend on Monument Circle at the South Bend Chocolate Co., where she was setting up for a party to celebrate Earth Hour, an effort to get everyone thinking about conservation and what we can do to help the earth. For an hour, people around the world were asked to shut off their lights to make a statement–and to save some energy.

For my friend, Meghan, and her small business Green Piece Indy, it was a success. She was on TV, mentioned in the newspaper, and from the footage, it looked like a lot of people turned out on the Circle, in the rain, to watch the countdown to darkness.

What a fun way to make a difference. (Yay, Green Piece Indy AND IPL, for getting the word out!!!)

Then I thought about it and wondered what we could do in our house to make a difference. The kids already know about conservation and energy-saving efforts–we’re on them all the time about it. They’ve read books about the planet. They even know how about the huge risk facing many animal and plant species.

A lot of the stories they’ve heard come from books I’ve shared with them from my pile of Barefoot Books inventory–the piles that are hogging the space in my closet right now as I have had little time to get out and SELL them.

So, to honor Mother Earth and to share some great titles with you, I give you this: My top 5 favorite Earth-themed Barefoot Books titles.

So …

Celebrate Earth Day.

Turn off the TV.

Go outside.

Take off your shoes.

Run in the grass.



What’s This? A Seed’s Story


Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon


Whole World (with CD)


The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales


A Forest of Stories

And a sixth, because if you know me, you know SIX is my favorite number!


Yoga Planet (Fun, heavy-duty cards that show fun yoga moves–with tips on how to save the planet!)

And, if you order before March 31, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING!!!!

Visit Barefoot Books Indy today for more information!

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