going broke


I raided my kids’ piggybanks today for loose change to pay for Middle Man to go to a Celebrity Reader Night for his school. The event was free. The money was to pay for a hot dog, drink and chips. It’s embarrassing but true. I steal from my kids.

Just had to get that off my chest.

Not that we have it as bad as some people. We’re both still working. Things are fine at this point. But hubby works in the newspaper biz. (‘Nuff said).

But times are tough for everyone. And it sucks. Of course, kids don’t get it. They don’t understand why mom and dad never carry money (we use debit cards for everything now) and why we are trying to pull back from buying them every single piece of crap they want. (Pokemon cards are paper, dudes. They aren’t worth a cool $20 spot. I could get a bottle of peach schnapps for that. Geez. Get your priorities straight.)

I thought about getting a second job recently. Then I realized there are no jobs to get. Then I thought I still wanted one. Then I felt selfish and rude for wanting a second job when many people can’t get a first one.

So for now I’m not looking. But I still dream of working in a great bookstore in my off-time. Cause I have so much freakin’ off time.

As for time. I’m out of it. I need to pack up my crap for the start of another exciting day. If it’s anything like the past few weeks, I’ll need sugar and caffeine to get through it.

So … back to the piggybanks.


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