I’ve been tasked by the hubby (again) to fill out paperwork from Middle Man’s school. Seems he’s not as nuts as we thought, and they’ve discovered he is possibly suited for the STRETCH program. So now, as I did for Big Bro, I’m filling out the paperwork that could lead to him getting in or him not getting in. No pressure.

Of course, I’m just jumping to that conclusion, and I’m the first to admit I hope I am proven wrong. But I have a four-page leaflet to fill out about what he says and does and if he’s funny and if he thinks a certain way and … and …

Seems to me that this could be unfair. Not all parents are good at writing, or remembering, for that matter. At this point, I’m wishing we’d have written down all the great things he’s said or done instead of relying on memory. That’s proving to be a scary thought. My memory is shot. At least I have this blog to look back for for stories.

If that’s where I need to get examples, we’re all in trouble. I’m thinking back to the story about the police …


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