my so-called friends

So. I’m taking part in this dream photography assignment contest and I’ve turned into a monster. I’m pimping out my link and practically on all fours begging people to vote for my project. I know I won’t make it to the top 20 at this point. Christ, I just want to get at least 100 votes so I don’t look like a LOSER.

I have more than 200 “friends” on Facebook. I’ve begged nearly every one of them by tagging them on notes. I’ve posted countless messages on my Facebook wall. I’m embarrassed by my actions. I’m BEGGING people to like me and vote for me. Geez. I should just hang a freakin’ sign around my neck that reads “I’ll PAY YOU to be my friend. I’ll pay you MORE if you vote for me to win a photo idea contest.”

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