“The POLICE are on their way”

We have always suspected Middle Man is going to end up in jail.
We just didn’t think it would happen before his sixth birthday.
Last weekend, while visiting family in PA, we all gathered at my grandma’s house to see her (she’s been in the hospital for about 3 months) and to celebrate my sister and my nephew’s bdays.
The kids (our three boys, along with my sister’s one-year-old and her stepson, who is 6) were all running around screaming and being bad, so I was freaking out and yelling at them the entire day.
Then, the phone rang. Caller ID read “Beaver Valley Emergency.”
My sister Kelly answered the phone.
“No, no. I don’t think so. We’re just here having a kids birthday party.”
Then she hung up and yelled “THE POLICE ARE ON THEIR WAY. Someone has been calling 911.”
Michael and I immediately ran upstairs and cornered Middle Man, who amazingly owned up to it immediately. I think he saw the look of death on my face. What was weird about this was that he had NEVER spoken of calling 911 before. We’d had the talk, he knew the rules and the importance of only calling if someone had blood pouring out of their eyeballs, or if mommy had finally snapped and killed herself or someone else.
Then, cousin said, “All I said was ‘Look, there’s a phone.'”
Yeah, right.
The cop came and spoke to all three wide-eyed boys and told them how bad it was and that someone else who really needed help probably couldn’t get through because they had called and hung up on the 911 operator THREE TIMES. He said, “It’s all on tape. I can find out which of you was egging the other on if I go back and listen. Someone was in the background saying ‘I dare you to call 911.'”
So … they were busted, my day was a wreck, and nobody else seemed to care but me and MJ … who were ticked off and red in the face and, did I say, TICKED OFF?
So yeah. I have a 5-year-old who has had the cops to the house.


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