This just in: “You pretty much have to stay hydrated”

Middle Man is 5. Here’s what he’s telling me as I type this. He has no idea I’m about to document this conversation, by the way.

“When you’re a ninja, you pretty much have to stay hydrated with a whole bottle of water.

You eat apples and bananas and they eat a lot of fruit cause fruit is healthy.

They eat fish, too, to get you strong. And chicken, too. And beef. That’s all they eat. And they drink water.

I don’t want to be a ninja like Max in my class. He told me that stuff. I like to eat snacks. When I grow up, I’m not going to be anything. I want to go on vacations to anywhere I want, like the zoo and stuff. If I don’t work, I can go to the zoo anytime.”

And for the record, when we DO go to the zoo, HE’S BORED OUT OF HIS MIND. So I have NO IDEA where this is coming from.


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