Keeping (too) busy

This isn’t a blog entry for anyone but myself. It’s a way for me to write down all the stuff I’m trying to do each day and to figure out why I feel so tired.

Ha! Could it be that I have three kids under the age of 8 (and have I mentioned they’re all boys?!), and a husband who is never home when I am (we work opposite shifts)?

Or …

Maybe it’s because I work full-time (have a lot of great stuff going on there! Yay!).

I’m trying to keep up with the contract I have with Yelp (I’m failing miserably).

I’ve taken on a couple magazine freelance assignments (I’m behind).

I need to do laundry (it’s piling up).

The toilets need scrubbed (I’m paying Michael to do that).

Kids need fed (Does a peanut butter sandwich count as a decent dinner? Thank God the hubby cooks.).

I have a blog (this one) that I never update (oh well).

I have a Facebook page I never update (I might kill it).

I have a “side business” selling children’s books (I haven’t touched that in about 5 months).

I have to catch up on my third-grade math skills (did I EVER HAVE THIRD-GRADE MATH SKILLS?).

I need to finish a book I started reading about 6 months ago (what page am I on again?)

And I need to get my health issues under control (Just what in the hell is making my tailbone hurt so bad??)

So yeah. That’s not a lot.

Oh. I have to clean my house. Mother-in-law and sister-in-law are coming. In two days. Oh. And it’s our youngest’s 2nd birthday. Guess I need to buy something for him.

Wow. I need to get away.

Anyone have any Calgon???


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