Helpless, 350 miles away

The daily drama that is my grandma’s life in a hospital bed is almost harder to keep up with than Hollywood news.

One minute her oxygen numbers are way low. She’s too weak to even open her eyes let alone speak. If she wanted to speak, nobody would hear her behind the huge oxygen mask they have velcroed to her head.

Then, literally an hour or so later, she’s awake and alert, SITTING UP in bed, talking through the mask and rolling her eyes at the nurses who are poking and prodding at her.

Now I know where I get that bad habit. 😉

The latest is the craziest news I’ve heard yet. They moved her to a room yesterday, despite the fact that she has MRSA and is aspirating food into her lung every time she tries to swallow. She failed a swallowing test, and has refused to allow them to put a tube down her throat to help her eat.

So get this. They said since she is refusing medical treatment INSURANCE WON’T COVER HER ANYMORE, so they had to move her to a different floor where she’ll be admitted (and paid for) in a section of this hell hole hospital called Kindred Care.

OK. Explain to me how an 85-year-old woman who CAN’T SWALLOW is supposed to SWALLOW A TUBE.

This is the point where being a little psycho comes in handy … and let me say that this hospital is SO FREAKIN’ LUCKY MY PSYCHO OLDER SISTER AND I DO NOT LIVE CLOSER. (Though Hurricane Kelly is blowing into town this weekend … so watch out!)

It’s to the point that I hate even getting updates because I want to jump through the phone. I yell and scream at my poor mother, who I worry about as much as Gram in all of this because she’s pretty much the only one who is going to see Gram … and she’s going a million times a day.

And watching my sister’s baby.

And working at the church.

And watching Fox News.

And forgetting to eat in between all of that.

This is the part about living far away from family that sucks the most. It sucks bad.

I’m breaking my own rules and posting a photo of my kids with Gram. I’ve only broken my rule a few times to put pix up of them, but I figure, What the hell? Nobody’s reading this anyway.

The reason I chose this first photo is because it was taken in July, and there’s a very good chance her medical problems had already begun … but we were all oblivious.

The other photo is from about 5 years ago … very sweet hug from Grant, her first grandson. 😦

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