(Free) Plug for Moosh in Indy

Thanks to a former colleague of mine who dropped a name in her blog which made me look at someone else’s blog and then made me read said blog till I almost peed my pants during work when I should be editing a marketing piece.

(and thanks to myself for taking the risk to write such a loonnnnnggg, run-onnnnn sentence.) 🙂

That said, I didn’t waste too much time (it is my lunchbreak) and I’m kinda, sorta following the “new rules of marketing and pr” by blogging and sharing news and information. It just doesn’t have much (anything) to do with my job.

That said, y’all should log on to MooshinIndy.com and get a few good laughs. Then, after you’ve laughed and enjoyed yourself and wasted a few minutes (or hours), go back to your worthless existence, wishing you, too, could write so effortlessly and take photos like a freakin’ genius.

Yeah. Her husband is going to law school Whatever. It’s her lie. I’ll let her tell it. Nobody with this much creative juice running through her body could ever, ever marry someone who wants to get a law degree.

The cute kid I do believe. But the lawyer wannabe hubby? Nah. No way.

And by the way, this chick is my new (pretend) best friend. Don’t care how old she is or where she hangs out. She has my two most-wanted talents: writing and photography. And her name is Casey. So she must be cool. And she married a dude named Cody, which is my freakin’ sister’s name (with a K. We’re obsessed with the K in my family).

So here’s to you, Casey, my new best (pretend) friend who has good stories to share.

Keep kickin’ ass and taking Indy by storm. Love your stuff!



2 thoughts on “(Free) Plug for Moosh in Indy

  1. My dropping of that title was not intended to be negative in any way. I never peed my pants reading “The New Rules of Marketing & PR.” It is the best marketing book I’ve read. It’s not the only marketing book I’ve read. I’ve read at least two. And it certainly beats the pants off of Wikinomics. No negativity to that book, either, of course. 😉

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