Kids remember the darndest things

A real conversation between me and our oldest son, who is 7:

(He didn’t know it, but I was typing what we said into an e-mail as we talked.)

Son: Do you like ads for kids on TV?
Me: No. Why do you ask?
Son: I think they’re stupid.
Me: Why?
Son: Because. Stupid things like Pixios.
Me: What are they?
Son: There’s a tray. You load your Pixios and pop them on the tray. Spray them with water and it stays. The “i” is silent.  [Note: I found out later there is no second “i” in this word, so of course it’s silent. It doesn’t exist.]
Me: I see. Sounds stupid. You’re right.
Son: When I grow up, I don’t want to be an ad person. I don’t want to be like the OxyClean guy.
Or the aqua globes.
Me: Aqua globes?
Son: Yeah.
Me: What’s an aqua globe?
Son: This thing you put in your plants and it waters your plant for two weeks.

Of course it is. How could I have missed that? This kid picks up on everything–and remembers it all. Scary. Very scary.


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