The sound of silence

What’s that I hear? Nothing? No screaming? No fighting? No back talk? I must be dreaming!

Yup. The oldest two are at “summer camp” at Granny and Grumpy’s house in the woods of western PA. Ahh. Gotta love it. It’s a vacation for me as well. Our youngest is eating this alone time up in a very big way as well. All the attention is on him and he’s loving every minute of it.

I call a few times a day for the first few days and then that trickles off till I find that a few days have passed and I haven’t even talked to the kids. Am I a bad mom? Yes. No doubt. But I’m also finding it’s a good thing…since they don’t want to come to the phone when I do call. It’s almost embarrassing. My mom (Granny) says, “You want to talk to Mom?” And I hear them both yell at the same time “NO!”


And what the hell? When I call there, I don’t hear them until my mom asks if they want to talk. Total silence. What in God’s name is that about? When they’re here and someone calls me, I have to threaten their lives to be quiet, and they still don’t listen. Gosh. They really DO hate me. It’s so obvious. They’re good and quiet angels for everyone, then turn to Satan’s helpers when around me.


I miss them dearly. I do not, however, miss the screams. As I type this, I can actually hear WIND IN THE TREES. Swear to God.



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