When mommy threatens …

… she’s full of crap.

Take for instance the latest threats toward my 5-year-old, who has the WORST temper. The kid does NOT act 5, and is driving us a bit nuts with his mouth and his tantrums. Mommy (me) and daddy decided to threaten him with NOT being allowed to go to his “granny and grumpy’s” house for a two-week summer vacation if he didn’t get his act together. Problem is, we’re not sure he gets it, or at least he acts like he doesn’t actually care. (Though I know he’ll scream and cry and freak out if we decide to not allow him to go.)

But who am I kidding? Sending him to my parents’ house for 2 weeks is just the break I need. (sad, isn’t it?) This is more of a gift to me than a vacation to him. SO, to not let him go is like smacking my head against the wall over and over and watching the blood run down my eye.

Not fun.

So now what do I do? I have to let him go. I have to … I have to … I have to.

But as I write this, he’s in his room screaming when he’s supposed to be cleaning.

Moms need a break too, right? He just wants attention. Needs a change of scenery. He’s the middle child of three BOYS … and he has the orneriest personality you’ll ever see.

But moms need a break too, right??

I guess I am the bad mommy who doesn’t stick by her word. Which is probably EXACTLY the reason he does this. Because he gets away with it.

Here he comes flying down the hall screaming.

God, is he adorable.

God, I can’t wait till he goes on summer vacation.


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