Boogers, toenails and ear wax

It’s fun raising three boys. No, seriously. Stop laughing. It is!

Take the other day. Number 2 says to me:

“Smell my finger.”

“I am NOT smelling your finger. You are nasty. Go wash your hands. What is on your finger?” I asked, even though I knew I might not be prepared to hear the answer.

“Ear wax! It smells like ear wax. Yum!”

Yes. He actually said “yum.” I am so grossed out.

Number 2 also loves to bite off his toenails and fingernails and eat them. He EATS them. He actually asked me the other day if he could bite off my nails to eat them. Of course I didn’t allow him. So, he asked if he could bite his little brother’s nails and toenails off to eat them.

At this point, I’m scared of what is wrong with this child.

And as for boogers, well, they are everywhere at all times. Our youngest has figured out how to blow his nose, and he does it on everything–even the wall. Don’t ask. I have NO IDEA how he figured out how to walk up to a wall and smash his nose against it and blow. But he does. He does this into clothing, kitchen towels, pillows, and anywhere else he feels like doing it. Thankfully, a lot of times there is nothing coming out. Thank goodness.

But it’s still nasty.

As is raising three boys. Nasty. Nasty. Nasty.


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