Tweezerdum and tweezerdee

My little man has many obsessions.

He’s not obsessed with green beans. Or learning to talk. Or napping. Of course not.

No, he has other interesting “talents” … like chewing holes in DVD boxes (even those from Blockbuster), playing in the toilet and stuffing things up his nose.


This is now becoming more of an issue–I have NO IDEA how to deal with this one. He’s only 17 months old–what can I possibly do to scold him? He’s NOT understanding why this is a bad idea.

The other day I had to actually hold him down and use TWEEZERS to pull a HUGE piece of paper (he had bitten off the cover of a hardback book, no less) out of his NOSE. It was so far up there it almost got sucked down into his mouth. It was nasty and snotty and very soggy when it finally made its way out … and I have NO IDEA how the heck he’s getting these things up there without us seeing him.

Other interesting things that have shot out of his nose recently:

* A small, red LEGO

* Another large piece of paper

* A piece of a noodle

* A sequin (had to extract that one myself as well)

He’s also totally into carrying things around in his mouth. I just went in to find him after he had run down the hall into his brothers’ room … and he had already stuffed SEVEN things in his mouth (no time to stuff up the nose, I guess). Here’s what I found:

* Two large googly eyes

* Two small googly eyes

* One small, red cup from the Playmobil set

* One small cannonball from the Playmobil set

* One small “log” from the Playmobil set


Either we need to be better about closing the door (big brothers don’t pay close enough attention, I’m afraid), or we need to toss all the Playmobil stuff.

Argh. That’s not cool. I like to play with the little pirates and knights, too!



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