I want to be a cook: A 5-year-old discusses his dream

After watching Rachael Ray on the Food Network one night, middle son made an announcement: “I want to be a cook.”

My husband said what a great idea that is, that he could work in a really nice restaurant or hotel or even open his own restaurant. But then, in true fashion, “E” announced his true plan. “No, I want to cook at home.”

So, it turns out E doesn’t really want to work, he wants to stay home and cook. I guess this is a step up from the most recent career choices of “Dumpster man” and pirate. A kid can dream, I suppose.

Then my husband went on to tell him that if he wants to stay home and cook, that’s great. But he still needs to go to college so he can meet a nice girl who is going to be a doctor or lawyer. After all, a boy needs a rich wife if he’s to stay home and cook all day.

E said that was a good idea.

Then the most hilarious part to all of this came last night while watching the very end of the Grammy Awards. Alicia Keys came out on stage, and as she was walking out, E, sitting beside me in front of the fire, immediately says, “Whoa. She’s beautiful.”

“Yes, she is.”

“Is she a lawyer or a doctor??”

“No, E, she’s a singer. An entertainer.”

“Is she rich?”

“Yes, E. She’s insanely rich, I’m sure.”

“Good. I’m going to find her when I grow up so I can marry her.”

Guess he has a new goal. Hope he doesn’t become a stalker.

But alas, the dream ended later in the night when he announced his even newer dream to become … a taste tester.

Now if we can just get him to eat something other than macaroni and cheese …


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