Waitin’ for the snow to fall …

Hum this tune to that cheesy song, “Waiting for a star to fall …”

Anyway, here we are on Thursday night, bedtime, waiting not-so-patiently for the snow to fall. Weathermen and women have been predicting a huge snow and ice storm for tonight. Of course, they predicted it could start around 7 … and it’s now 8:30 and it’s doing NOTHING outside. Oldest son thinks he’s getting out of going over his spelling words one last time, because according to him, “We aren’t having school tomorrow, mom. I’m telling you we will have a snow day.”

I asked him where in the heck he heard this, since I haven’t mentioned it, and I’m sure they aren’t breaking in to SpongeBob or Drake and Josh to alert kids about approaching snow.

“Jameson told me.”

Aha. Blame the friend…

SO … anyway … as boring as it is. This is what we are doing. We’re waiting for the snow to fall. And by golly, I’m guessing once again it will be all the waiting … with nothing but a drifting.

If I’m wrong: Happy Snow Day!


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