Are you sick of the commercialization of EVERYTHING?

I am. I’m starting to take baby steps to bring fewer things into the house with media tie-ins. No, I’m not a crazy mom who won’t allow the kids to watch their favorite shows or buy toys they love, but I draw the line when it comes to books.

So, I did it. Yesterday, I told my son, who is in first grade, that when he visited the library today he was to make sure one of his two books (or both) had NOTHING to do with anything he can see on television or movies. I wanted him to look for a book that was about something other than SpongeBob or Star Wars, which happen to be his favorites.

And you know what? He listened. Good for him. Guess he’s learning something from his old mom who values a good story more than the next person. However, I’m not sure how good a story it is that he chose, but at least for now we’re happy to make a step in the right direction.

Did you know?

Children see about 40,000 advertisements a year on TV alone, a figure that
does not include product placement.5
• Children see advertisements on the Internet, at the movies, on school buses,
in their classrooms and cafeterias.
• Almost every major media program for children
has a line of licensed merchandise used to sell
fast-food, breakfast cereals, snacks and
• In their effort to establish cradle-to-grave
brand loyalty, marketers even target
babies through licensed toys and
accessories featuring media characters.

Source: Campaign for a commercial-free childhood

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